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Kwalito is one of Kenya's exporters of avocados, Macadamia and Mangos supplying leading distributors in Europe and new emerging markets.


Production is focused on the popular Hass variety sourced from both large and small-scale growers across Kenya.

The avocado is unique in that it is harvested mature but unripe. The avocado will not ripen while it is attached to the tree. The age of fruit at maturity ranges from 9 – 12 months at which point once the fruit are picked they will begin to ripen. In the case of the Hass variety the fruit changes from green to black and softens to a creamy texture that makes the avocado ideal to eat.

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Our Macadamia  sourced from both large and small-scale growers across Kenya.

The macadamia nut tree is a fast-growing, medium-sized evergreen tree with heavy, dark green foliage. Its leaves – which are blunt tipped, oblong, and generally a foot or more longer – develop in either whorls of twos, threes, or fours, but are rarely solitary. Macadamia flowers are small and whitish, hassled and growing on long spikes, while its nuts can ripen throughout the year, though they primarily ripen in the fall and the spring. The nut has a leathery case that is 1 inch in diameter, containing either a spherical nut or two hemisphere nuts. They also have a smooth hard shell that encases a white kernel.


Production is focused on Apple Mango, Ngowe Mango and Kent Mango all varieties are sourced from both large and small-scale growers across Kenya.

Mangoes are admired by every generation of people because of their sweet taste and innumerable health benefits. Available in a variety of sizes and varieties, mangoes are rich sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is one fruit that people enjoy eating in a raw form and used for making multiple dishes like pudding, jams, squash, spices and jellies to name a few.

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